Free Sex Stories is The Reason I’ll Make Her Squirt Tonight

March 8,2016 |

Hi, I’m Mike Lamb and I love to watch best sex videos and read sex stories. My favorite free adult movies are about Miley Cyrus and Alexis Texas. Well, the reason I am so confident saying that is because I know I am not doing something wrong. I mean, what is wrong with a young man exploring his sexuality (including gay sex) from time to time. As we speak, I am a master when it comes to lovemaking and I am confident I can teach you a thing or two on this steamy topic or about lesbian porn.

Today, I want to narrate to you one of our most romantic escapades with my sexy babe I am sure you’ll enjoy it. I mean, don’t we all love to hear sex-related stories once in a while. Anyways, here we go:

My Romantic Escapades

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We (me and my GF with big tits and natural huge ass) are in the middle of a large room with an amazing wooden floor. She looks amazing standing there completely naked. Her hair is cascading around her. Her big pussy glistens and her nipples grow hard.

We’re standing facing each other, but as I move towards her, our eyes lock and we just fix our stares, My left arm gently goes around her waist and she does the same. Together we reach out for one another. My middle finger runs lightly along her hot pussy lips. Her right hand stretches and grips my hard-rock cock.

Every slow stroke, she makes on my cock causes a reaction on my face. Likewise, every time my finger runs over her lips and clit, she mourns give away her feelings.

Look, I’m not a genius at these things, it’s only that I have been lucky to watch a couple of free porn movies and read a couple of adult stories. I get my best picks from You can check these free sex short stories if you want to enjoy lovemaking as I do.

More Romance

Back to our little bedroom sex story and my finger has already slid under her hood. My thumb hits her clit. She exhales with pleasure as I match gently, inside and outside her honey-pot. In reiteration, she starts stroking my cock up and down. As we stand there we cannot help but feel the pleasure rising in our bodies.

Our breathing patterns are getting shallower and faster. Our hips are moving in unison as we gently give each other pleasure. Slowly, we increase our speed. Two fingers replace one and I stroke two times faster. Her right hand moves up and down my cock with faster strokes.

As we all feel our ultimate pleasure rise, and our orgasm setting in, our eyes stay locked. Our movements get even more urgent. When our orgasm hits, we all call out our names.

Spurting helplessly

My cum spurts out as her pussy spasms around my fingers. Our bodies give away, but we hold tightly onto each other as the orgasm continues to take over. At last, as the orgasm subsides, our eyes close and we lay down covered in our own juices.

As we slowly slide onto the floor, panting and still kissing each other, I smile deep inside knowing that my lovemaking future is bright. All thanks to my usual dose of sex stories, which I get at the simple, click of a mouse button. May be at the next time we will make some homemade porno and share it with you!

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