The Sensation of Filling Your Palms With Big Asses

January 16,2017 |

No one can truly fathom the intricacies of the mind when it comes to what arouses and excites it. Some are more drawn to large breasts, long hair, slender shoulders, or perhaps long legs, especially when accentuated by high heels. Others find themselves sexually enticed by big asses. These individuals possess a keen sense of sensuality; they understand that a more voluptuous form can add an extra dimension to their sensual excitement.

Nice busty girl with huge butts

There’s something about seeing a woman walking down the sidewalk, innocently enough, and never knowing that somewhere in the vicinity, she’s being ogled and appreciated for the junk in the trunk she happens to be packing behind her. It’s the wiggle of the hips, the jiggle of the fleshiness, and the way those tight-fitting blue jeans cling to her derriere. All of which make her a specimen of sexual loveliness.

For voyeurs who enjoy watching a woman walk away, the allure of her entire body is enticing, but it’s the sight of a prominent derriere that truly captures their immediate attention. The appealing posterior can incite fetish-filled thoughts, such as envisioning a sensual woman in a doggy-style position, with the palms of your hands gripping the flesh for leverage. The thrilling sensation of driving in deeply, coupled with squeezing the sensual and firm skin, amplifies the passionate experience.

Large buttocks are a staple in the world of adult XXX porn, with hundreds of sites, such as’s big ass videos, available to cater to this niche. On this site, amateurs are eager to showcase their derrieres on film, teasing and enticing those who admire them. The site offers more than just great videos; it also features the exotic and erotic movements of these beautiful buttocks.

When obsessions focus on the area between the knees and hips, it reveals a genuine fondness for a woman who enjoys a bit of exhibitionism, the stunning individual who delights in roaming the house without clothing. As her breasts swing, sway, and bounce in tandem with her derriere, your desire for her in a hardcore manner intensifies. The thought of her lying belly down on cool cotton sheets, your hands running over those large half-moons, working the flesh like putty, shaping it, and caressing her ample posterior is enough to maintain arousal. A few playful spanks, the intimate connection between the cheeks, and a touch of carnal curiosity all contribute to the fetish element of foreplay. These aspects all amplify the thrill of how a delightfully large butt can spice up a sexual encounter.

There are even panties to be purchased to enhance the lift and lusciousness of an already huge ass. They’re padded, making an already alluring and spectacular part of the female anatomy even more enticing to behold. Beautifully built women understand when their assets are on display for admiring eyes. They’re more than happy to accommodate the fantasies sparked by their movements, poses, bends, or the way they wear clothing to accentuate arousal in just the right places.

When a woman is confident in her sexuality, she doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her assets, turning heads and fueling fantasies. With enough experience, one understands that the mind is the body’s most significant sexual organ; when stimulated, everything else naturally falls into place. This means there are plenty of eager viewers ready to enjoy videos featuring women who embody their ideal of beauty.


The attraction to huge buttocks is deeply rooted in human biology and psychology. Some researchers argue that an evolutionary preference for full hips and a larger buttock area is associated with perceived fertility and strong health. In the context of adult porn, this translates into a potent source of visual and sexual stimulation.

In big ass porn, the focus is often on the woman’s backside, with various erotic scenarios devised to highlight its size and shape. These movies serve a wide audience that appreciates the sensuality of larger, curvier women, debunking the mainstream beauty ideal that promotes slenderness above all else.

Cumming From Huge Ass

January 2,2017 |

A lot of people love to watch big ass videos. Women have been admired by men and other women for longer than we can even fathom, and there have certainly been many that have turned my head more than once. Still, nothing will grab my attention like seeing a hot babe strolling down a sidewalk with a jiggle that tells me she’s got junk in her trunk.

There’s no way to hide a growing erection when a delightfully ample derriere is displayed. A man’s mind will immediately have her in the bedroom, watching her panties rolled over full hips, and then the moment she turns around to exhibit her bodacious booty, it’s game on in the hardcore sex arena.

Any position for penetration will win the heart and the hard-on of a red-blooded male. Still, when you’ve got a lady with a butt for banging on those cool cotton sheets, a good old-fashioned doggy-style position will be the first choice for immediate and full-throttle arousal. Feeling your palms sink into the flesh, you know it will provide the perfect leverage for driving your dick deep, whether for vaginal or anal sex, making it a dream come true.

Even if you’re not very fortunate enough to have a fantastic fanny within your immediate reach, you can still experience an orgasm while indulging in footage depicting these delights and engaging in solo masturbation. Tuning into places such as big ass movies will bring everything into focus: All the wiggle and jiggle and juiciness of a delicate and ample asset that will have you stroking with speed through the copious amount of lotion that’s been slathered onto your hard shaft.

For those who like a fetish taste with their teasing and pleasing, the voluptuousness of a woman’s behind is a fornicating focal point (like big boobs, long legs, and sexy feet). It’s what oozes into the libido and drives the sex gauge over the top, making you realize it’s either time to cum or else get plagued by a set of blue balls until you do.

When a man closes his eyes and imagines that huge honey in front of him, all he can think about is driving his big cock in deep and fast, watching the dimples in those half-moons pucker up and entice him even more. He’ll squeeze the fleshiness and push the skin almost as if it’s modeling clay. He cannot help but continue working his fingers through it. Feeling the tightness of her orifice gripping his hardness, hearing the breathing, smelling the muskiness of their hardcore, sexual escapade, and then staring at her butt. It’s all making approach to be too much and as the burning and churning of his jizz begins to boil to the top. He’ll pull free to ejaculate all over her butt cheeks to make things a bit kinkier. Almost as if turning this fine piece of MILF home porn pleasure into a trophy, he’ll mark his territory, making it his for the taking each time he needs the stimulation.

For boner-building needs, a bubble butt will often do it for many men. With the skimpy and tiny panties trying to hold all of that flesh in, it will just heighten the horniness when anticipation takes over, knowing once dinner and a large-ass movie are over, it’s heading to be straight to the bedroom. Divas should don more thongs with tantalizing tushes. Let that strip of material slide up the crack and frame the curvy caboose at the center of attention and arousal. They’re meant to be seen and admired. Don’t forget to view these massive ass movies in HD quality!


Cum from ass refers to the act of expelling sperm from one’s anus, typically as part of ass fucking or masturbation activities. It involves the release of sperm after stimulation, which can occur during orgasm or as a result of physical manipulation.

Free Sex Stories is The Reason I’ll Make Her Squirt Tonight

March 8,2016 |

Hi, I’m Mike Lamb, and I love to watch the best sex videos and read sex stories. My favorite free adult movies are about Miley Cyrus and Alexis Texas. Well, I am so confident saying that because I know I am not doing something wrong. What is wrong with a young man exploring his sexuality (including gay sex) from time to time? As we speak, I am a master in lovemaking, and I am confident I can teach you a thing or two on this steamy topic or about lesbian porn.

Today, I want to narrate one of our most romantic adventures with my sexy babe, and I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Don’t we all enjoy hearing sexy stories once in a while? Anyways, here we go:

My Romantic Escapades

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My girlfriend, who is curvaceous and busty, and I are in the middle of a large room with a unique wooden floor. She looks fantastic, standing there completely naked, and her hair is cascading around her. Her big pussy glistens and her huge nipples grow hard.

We’re standing facing each other, but as I move towards her, our eyes lock, and we fix our stares. My left arm gently goes around her waist, and she does the same. Together we reach out to one another. My middle finger runs lightly along her hot pussy lips, and her right-hand stretches and grips my hard-rock cock.

Every slow stroke she makes on my huge cock causes a reaction on my face. Likewise, whenever my finger glides over her clit and lips, she mourns and gives away her feelings.

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More Romance

My finger has already slid under her hood, and my thumb hits her clit. She exhales with pleasure as I match gently, inside and outside her honey-pot. In reiteration, she starts stroking my cock up and down. As we stand there, we cannot help but feel the pleasure rising in our bodies.

Our breathing patterns are getting shallower and faster. Our hips are moving in unison as we gently give each other pleasure. Slowly, we increase our speed. Two fingers replace one, and I stroke two times faster. Her dominant hand moves up and down my cock with faster strokes.

As we all feel our ultimate pleasure rise and orgasm, our eyes stay locked. Our movements get even more urgent. When our orgasm hits, we all call out our names.

Spurting helplessly

My cum spurts out as her pussy spasms around my fingers. Our bodies give away, but we hold tightly onto each other as the orgasm continues. At last, as the orgasm subsides, our eyes close, and we lay down covered in our juices.

As we slowly slide onto the floor, panting and still kissing each other, I smile deep inside, knowing that my lovemaking future is bright. All thanks to my usual dose of porn stories, which I get at the simple click of a mouse button. Maybe the next time, we will make some homemade porno and share it with you!