The Fundamentals of Gay Sex

February 15,2016 |

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You may already have somebody in mind. Maybe you might not be ready or curious about how men have gay sex and even watched a few gay videos. Alternatively, perhaps you already know and are eager to try it. Whatever the case, gay oral or anal sex is a fantasy for many men and a reality for many in the LGBT community. Porn is a great way to learn about safe sex for men and the various positions and postures to increase your libido. Consent is the primary part of the preparation for sex. It may be easy to be pressured into doing something you are not ready to do or feel uncomfortable trying something your partner wants you to try. Hence, it is imperative to give your consent to the things you want and try to say no to the things you do not want to do.


Before starting, it is essential to get the lubrication and condoms ready. This is the prerequisite for safe anal sex. If you have adult toys you would like to use, it is better to take them out beforehand to have them by your side when you need them. The main important thing to check before starting is to ensure that the condoms have not expired and that the lubricant used is silicone or water-based. Another critical need for healthy and good homosexual sex is to keep clean. Keeping clean is also a prerequisite for having a healthy life in general. Suppose you are not very confident about how your body looks; showering and powdering before anal intercourse is a good idea. This is also a fantastic idea if you are new to the hooking-up scene. The bottoms should try to be healthy by maintaining a diet that is high in fiber. Otherwise, washing the penis is vital while showering to avoid embarrassing moments between you and your partner.

The art of foreplay

Gay Uniform

If you are new to anal gay fucking, you must relax. The best method for getting comfortable with your partner and exploring the things that both of you are into is foreplay. Massaging, kissing, and a gay blowjob are good ways to start. The best way to warm up before ass fucking is by using sex toys. The types of foreplay tools that are sold nowadays are butt plugs, dildos, masturbation sleeves, vibrators, and double-sided dildos. However, one should remember that starting small and then moving up is the way. If it’s your first time with erotic toys, you must ensure that the sex toys are washed in hot soapy water beforehand. Wash the soap before using it. While interchanging the dildos between the partners, one must wash them and, if possible, use different condoms on the dildos to keep things clean and hygienic.

Pleasurable anal intercourse

When both partners are knowledgeable about anal sex, it is bound to feel great from the top and bottom. The person on top has a more pleasurable time as he is directly on top of his partner. For the person who is the one at the bottom, stimulation will come in two different ways. The first is from the opening of the anal region, where numerous nerve endings provide stimulation from sliding in and out of the partner’s penis. Moreover, the prostate gland in men is often referred to as the G spot for men. When stimulated, the prostate helps to enhance the pleasure of the orgasm.

Along with the physical stimulation, the psychological stimulation from ass fucking can be highly pleasurable to the man. When the G spot in the men’s prostate gland is rubbed with the fingers and with the penis, the pleasure derived from it is immense. However, it should be remembered that the body needs some time to adapt to anal fucking; therefore, it takes some time before it is fully accustomed to it.

Types of positions

Gay Positions

There is a multitude of positions for gay fucking. These are:

  • Doggie style“: This is a fast thrusting posture, which imitates the action of a dog mounting a dog from the back. The person who is the catcher is on his knees, and his hands and the pitcher are on the top. The active guy holds the passive male at the waist and pulls him towards him. This is a thrusting motion of sex, which requires a lot of stamina and endurance. The person at the bottom should give some rest to the person on top, as it is a very demanding job to do. A variation of this method is the flat doggie style in which the receiver is flat out on his back, with his anus region elevated, so that the bottom men can receive some support while having sex.
  • Cliff diver“: this is a highly adventurous method of gay anal sex. The pitcher stands on top, similar to the rear-entry style, and the bottom is on the ground on all fours. Then the top guy enters his anal region from the back, and the receiver slowly stands up. The top male at this moment is supposed to pick up the passive guy by his waist and allow him to wrap his legs around the pitcher. Once standing thrusting to ensue.
  • “Backing it in”: This involves the pitcher sitting on a chair and pulling his knees up to his chest. Then the receiver is meant to stick his anus into the jutting penis of the pitcher, and the receiver is intended to do all the thrusting and movement.
  • Missionary position“: The intimacy, that comes with being a missionary, is nothing like any other position. It is a classic.

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